It’s a cold galaxy out there, in the infinite night of space. The centuries old balance of power has been upset by the invention of warp bombs, unstoppable weapons capable of destroying a planet within minutes. The Drasil Cluster Confederacy and the Voreth Republic maneuver for control of galactic resources, both fearing mutual destruction. The new soldiers are secret agents; the new battlegrounds are proxy states. In these times of uncertainty, villains of all sorts seek to make the chaos serve their sinister designs.

To counter these dire threats, the Archon Imperial Union enlists elite special agents to protect their interests and ensure an advantageous galactic stability. These agents, answering only to their government (and even then, only on a “need to know” basis), are chosen from every walk of life . They live lives of action and adventure, danger and excitement, secrets and skullduggery! Needing only a sidearm and a wry quip as their weapons, no treachery or mystery can stand before the AGENTS IN THE INFINITE NIGHT!

Agents in the Infinite Night